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What is the research proposal?
It is a sale document presented to a responsible board (i.e.ethics committee at university level, donor, stack holder, business owner,…etc) in order to convince them about the importance of your research topic.

Criteria of good research proposal
Proposal should be written in a scientific , and precise method with great concern given to the four main components which represent a concern to the specific board according to the provided guideline; therefore, if they do not provided you a guideline please simply ask them!

Four Main Components of Proposal
Generally speaking, research proposal has four main components (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that you should focused and invest your time in as it represent the convincing part of your topic;also, you need to include some additional sections that prescribed by the guideline of the board that you will submit to them your research proposal.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Select Your Research Topic
Section 2: Develop Your Research Theory
Section 3: Write Your Research Hypothesis
Section 4: Write Your Research Objectives
Section 5: Develop Your Research Questions
Section 6: Extract Variables from Objectives
Section 7: Select Your Study Design
Section 8: Write Research Methodology Section

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